If you already have one child and you are pregnant with another you may be thinking “uh oh!” But don’t fret – while it may be hard at first you will learn to cope and you will develop a system that works for you – from feeding times to baths and bed time stories.

You may not have time to relax during your pregnancy when you have a toddler you need to run after during the day, night, weekends, etc. While you may be extremely tired, especially during the first few months of your pregnancy, your small child may not understand and will still want to play with you during the day.

Make sure that you explain to your child what is going on – especially about the fact that a new little baby will be sharing their home soon. This way, when you leave for the hospital and come home with a newborn your other child isn’t completely shocked.

While it may be difficult, you and your family will soon get the hang of juggling pregnancy and a toddler and you will find that this pregnancy is just as enjoyable as your first.

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