1. Prenatal Vitamins – these are a must have! These vitamins help you get the day by day nutrients you need for your growing body and your growing baby. These can be purchased over the counter or you can get them through your doctor.

2. Healthy Food – You need a certain amount of the right types of food for your baby to grow as healthy as can be – but make sure you don’t overeat! Try to eat whole grains, proteins, fruits, veggies and all the food that our mothers have told us to eat all of our lives.

3. Exercise – For your health and your babies health be sure that you take time to exercise, whether it be a brisk walk or yoga. If you didn’t exercise before you got pregnant don’t overdo it now that you are, but if you did exercise heavily before pregnancy, take it down a notch now, but not that far down. Be sure to consult your doctor about the exercise you plan on participating in now that you are with child.

3. Bigger Clothes – Not only outerwear, underwear too! Your breasts may grow a whole cup size and you’ll have to purchase a bigger bra. In addition, you’ll need bigger underwear too probably, sorry! As for outerwear, while you don’t need to wear maternity clothes, you will need to start buying baggier clothes so you can cover your growing belly.

5. Lots of sleep – You need a lot of sleep when you are pregnant, especially during the first trimester. Make sure to get extra pillows so that you can position them around your body in a way that makes you super comfortable overnight – or during your nap during the day.