While she wont be winning the mother of the year award, celebrity Katie Price has come up with an interesting concept that she wants her toddler, two-year-old daughter, Princess, to promote: Edible Make-up.

The makeup line would include “Edible lipstick, little case with wipes to take your make-up off. You can get a nice case for make-up wipe, lipsticks, blushers and mascara and nail varnishes.”

Katie’s ex-husband and father to Princess is reportedly “furious” with this new idea of Katie’s.

While we don’t think that Princess should be the spokesperson for the line of her daddy doesn’t want her to be, we do think it’s an interesting concept.

While there are many individuals who think children wearing makeup at a young age may hurt their self image, it is likely that many children will be allowed to wear makeup after begging to be more like their mommies. Would it be safer if the makeup was safe to ingest? Probably.