Babies usually begin teething when the sprout their first teeth when they are between 4 and 7 months of age. Interestingly, babies begin developing their teeth when they are still in the womb.

Your child’s teeth will begin to appear one at a time over a number of months – something that can be extremely uncomfortable for your child and may make you feel helpless. However, there are a number of teething products on the market to help the process go smoother for you and your child.

Symptoms your child might encounter when their teeth are coming in include:
– Gum Swelling
– Irritability
– Drooling
– The need to bite
– Refusing food
– Trouble sleeping

If your child doesn’t take well to teething products you can try letting them chew on a cold, wet washcloth or giving them cold foods like yogurt or applesauce (but only if they are eating solids at this point). Some stores also sell teething crackers that your child can chew on to ease the pain.

If nothing seems to be working it is in your best interest to call your child’s doctor to see if they can recommend anything else – including small doses of children’s pain medicine.

Your child’s full set of baby teeth should be in by the time they are three years old – and they will have all of these teeth until the age of 6 when your child’s permanent teeth begin to grow underneath.

What did you do for your child when they began teething?