A 19-month-old toddler, Marcus Williams was drowning in a late in Florida, but luckily two neighbors were nearby to rescue the child.

Marcus’ mother Stacey said: “It’s a horrible, horrible feeling and I don’t wish it upon any other mother. He’s my one and only child, so, I’m very happy he’s here.”

When the child was rescued his stomach was full of water and the neighbors, Dacosta Rohan and Zikiya Gines, had to do CPR to keep him alive.

Zikiya said: “I start doing my compressions. I’m like, one, two, three and he started throwing up and I flipped him over and I started doing my compressions again. I did the whole, flight attendant training, it just kicked right in.”

Afterward the neighbors drove the toddler to the local hospital: “The doctor came out and gave us a hug and was like, you did a good job. We saved a life.”