Is it safe to take hot showers when you are pregnant is often a concern of women who learn they are with child.

It is unsafe for women’s body temperature to raise above 102.2 degrees when pregnant because it increases the risk of a miscarriage and birth defects. Women are at the greatest risk of this during their first trimester of pregnancy.

The reason for the risks is because the warm water temperature can cause a woman’s heart rate to increase and reduce the flow of blood to the baby.

Be sure to test bath water or shower water before getting in to make sure that it is not too hot. It can be helpful to test the water with skin that is extra sensitive to heat – including feet, elbows and forearms. If the water feels hot on these areas, you should cool it down.

If you believe the water to be cool enough but get in the bath or shower and begin to sweat, feel dizzy or if her skin feels red, the water temperature should be turned down.