Keeping up a positive body image when you are pregnant can be extremely difficult. On the one hand you are excited for the bundle of joy growing inside of you, but on the other hand you look at the numbers creeping up on the scale and get nervous – will it ever go away?

Some of the best advice you can give a pregnant woman who is bothered by her weight gain is that you can’t change the fact that you are going to gain weight and your body is going to shift shape during your pregnancy, and it’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing because that means your helping your baby grow in a healthy way.

While your body will change, and you will gain weight, you can maintain the steadiness of your weight gain in a way that makes it less extreme and therefore less noticeable for you. You can do this by eating right and exercising during your pregnancy.

Be sure to talk with your doctor about your weight gain to determine whether or not you are at the healthy weight level for your pregnancy.