When you are pregnant you may notice that you have more acne than you ever did previously. Why is that?

Well, it’s because your body is undergoing a number of changes, and you have a lot more hormones floating around than you are used to. This causes an increase in secretion of oil from your glands – which blocks yours pores and brings zits to the surface.

If you want to treat your acne during your pregnancy, you must make sure to ask your doctor which acne medications are healthy for you and your baby during the next 9 months.

If possible, talk to your doctor before getting pregnant about which medications are safe during pregnancy.

Make sure to avoid oral treatments or benzyl peroxide creams without getting the “OK” from your doc as some may be acceptable and others can be unsafe for the fetus.

If you need to treat your zits and haven’t gotten to your doctors yet, it is assumed that herbal acne treatments are usually healthy for you while your belly is growing, but some herbal treatments have been found to be dangerous.

If you want to avoid acne treatment entirely during pregnancy you can cleanse your face daily with a mild face wash and warm water. Be careful to avoid harsh face wash’s as your skin will be extremely sensitive when you are with child.

Also bear in mind that you are more prone to infection while you are pregnant, and it is not advised that you pop or pick at your zits as they can lead to more infections.

If you have dealt with this problem during pregnancy, let us know how you dealt with it.