Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel, who is pregnant with her first child due in June, talked in a recent interview about her pregnancy:

On being shocked by the baby news: “I was totally, completely surprised. It was generally something I was open to, but I wasn’t doing handstands and taking my temperature. I was just not being careful because I thought it would take a very long time because of my age. So yes, it was definitely like ‘Holy s**t.'”

On having been tamed by pregnancy: “I think in some ways it’s mellowed me a little bit. Like I was at an event with every single Housewife there last night, and I was sort of giggling at it and taking it a little more lightly. It’s put things into perspective.”

On being a free range mom or a helicopter mom: “What? I don’t even know what a placenta is. (After an explanation) Free range! For sure!”

On whether she’s searching out parenting advice: “I don’t believe in really taking advice for that stuff. I don’t really know anybody that is doing the job perfectly. I think you should use your instincts and no two situations are the same. My life is completely different than theirs and my job is different than theirs and I think you kind of have to go with what’s going on in your own house.”

On whether her Real Housewives co-stars will be “aunties” to her baby: “Uh . . . no. Housewives has been a good experience and I’ve made some friends, people that I’m friendly with, but it’s been a career move. My friend who said I have rotten eggs has been my friend for over 20 years and that’s the situation with most of my friends. You’ll see them all on my own show Bethenny’s Getting Married, which I am shooting right now.”

On whether another nude PETA shoot in in the works: “I don’t know if I need to be looking for reasons to be naked. It was a really nice offer, and I loved it, but I think that would be a little overkill.”

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