Two twin girls, Ruby and Krystal, were born suffering from Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome – where one twin gets more blood in the womb than the other one does. The two girls were born at 26 weeks and weighed around 2 lbs each.

While one twin was healthy enough to be transferred to Pembury Hospital in Turnbridge, Wells, the other sister was not as healthy and had to be put in a separate hospital.

While this would be hard for any parent, the two twin girls parents do not have a car and have been finding it difficult to visit both their girls since they are miles apart. In addition, the twins parents also have two other children to care for each week.

Currently the twins are only being visited in their hospitals 2 days a week.

Their father said, “We only get about 10 minutes with each of them, a quick update and a stroke of their heads, before we have to get going…It’s like no one realises we are miles away and don’t have a car. It is a real struggle, but for the sake of our family, we cannot lose it.”

Aww, such a sad story!