A new report out of the United States is saying that having a vaginal birth after having your previous child delivered through Caesarean section is safe.

In addition, women were found to be less likely to die during childbirth if they are allowed to labour naturally for a period, even if they end up delivering surgically.

Study review chairman Dr. F Gary Cunningham said, “Declining vaginal birth after Caesarean rates and increasing Caesarean delivery rates over the last 15 years would seem to indicate that planned repeat Caesarean delivery is preferable to a trial of labour. But the currently available evidence suggests a very different picture: a trial of labour is worth considering and may be preferable for many women.”

Many doctors fear that the incisions made from the Caesarean section could burst open during the pressure of a woman’s contractions as part of her next birth, however, studies have shown that the rate of rupture is less than 1%.

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Source: http://www.abc.net.au