A chef in Chelsea, New York is serving cheese at his restaurant made from his wife’s breast milk – which has upset members of La Leche League, a pro-breast-feeding organization.

A spokesperson for the organization said, “Breast milk is for babies. We’re all about breast milk but for breast-feeding babies — for the baby’s nourishment, not adults.”

Many believe that if the cheese made with breast milk is going to be served at the restaurant, that patrons should be aware of the ingredients. Not only because it may change people’s mind about whether or not to order the cheese, but also because breast milk is more of a diarrhetic for adults and could cause bowel problems in those that eat it.

The chef’s publicist, Stephen Hall, has said about the cheese, “It’s for curiosity seekers. Daniel gives a taste to people who really, really want to taste it and know what it is.”