Rather than a normal pregnancy, an Ectopic Pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the outside of the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube, rather than inside.

Ectopic Pregnancy can occur when a woman’s fallopian tube is blocked or infected and the egg is not able to travel down to the uterus. Other causes can be an abnormal shaped fallopian tube or if a woman has had previous surgeries in her pelvic area.

Women are more at risk if they are older and pregnant or, as stated earlier, if they have had previous surgeries. However, anyone can have an Ectopic Pregnancy – so make sure to look out for the symptoms and warning signs:

– Bleeding
– Dizziness
– Weakness
– Gastrointestinal Pain

If you believe you are suffering from an Ectopic Pregnancy you must go to your doctor right away. If the pregnancy is not far along the doctor will be able to give you medications that will help the body absorb the pregnancy, however, if your pregnancy is further along you may need surgery as your fallopian tube may have been injured due to the pregnancy.