Yes, between the frequent naps and bouts of sickness, you may have caught a moment to yourself to wonder why it is again that you got pregnant? Well, aside from the bundle of joy you will be bouncing on your knee in the coming months, there are some very cool things that are coming your way because of your pregnancy.

You’re the Princess!
Not only will your parents, significant other and siblings treat you with the utmost respect, so will complete strangers! Whether its to let you take their seat on the bus, or to let you skip ahead in line to go to the bathroom (which we know we do frequently when with child!), you will notice a difference in how people treat you.

While this might not be immediately noticeable if you have recently realized your pregnant, just wait until you are showing – you’ll see the difference!

Your Chest Will Grow

Almost immediately after becoming pregnant you will look down to see a much larger pair of breasts than you are used to. The reason for this? As your body gets ready to deliver your beautiful baby your milk ducts will grow and fill will milk.

Not such a bad deal you got there! Although, it may be a bit more difficult to fit into your clothes than normal!

Increased Sex Drive

During the second trimester you may realize that you are more in the mood to have sex. Not only that, but because you have an increased blood flow to your pelvic area during pregnancy, sex may be more enjoyable for you!

No More Need To Diet!

While that doesn’t mean you can overdo it, it does mean there is absolutely no need for you to be counting your Weight Watchers points when you’re pregs!

The Pregnancy Glow

The pregnancy glow is not just an old wives tale! You will notice that throughout your pregnancy your skin will look better, your hair will be thicker and your nails will grow longer and stronger.

Ah, the perks of expecting a little one. Now if only the morning sickness would subside!