There are a number of ways to determine if you are fertile and getting ready to ovulate. Ovulation occurs on the day you are most fertile during your cycle, and the week leading up to that is when you should attempt trying to conceive.

One way to predict when you are close to ovulation is to pay attention to your cervical mucus. Your discharge will be more heavy and easy to stretch with your fingers when you are closest to ovulation. Other times in your cycle you will have little to no discharge, while the week leading up to your ovulation you will have discharge but it will be more slippery than stretchy.

Another way to determine when your ovulation happens each month is to purchase an Ovulation Predictor Kit – which will help you determine which days you are most fertile.

You can also purchase a Basal Thermometer to keep track of your Basal Body Temperature, which rises when you are most fertile and have the best chance of conceiving.

Be sure to also keep a calendar each month to determine your most fertile days. Ovulation normally happens 14 days before your menstrual period begins.

Also keep in mind that the healthier you are – the better you eat and the more physical activity you participate in – the better chance you have of becoming pregnant.