It has been estimated that over 70% of pregnant women experience Morning Sickness symptoms up until the 3rd month of pregnancy. These symptoms can last all day long, but are most noticeable in the morning.

While there are a handful of women who experience severe nausea that must be treated medically, there are many ways that the rest of us can help lessen morning sickness symptoms naturally.

One natural remedy used for nausea during pregnancy is ginger, which is said to sooth the stomach and lessen nausea. You can eat the ginger root or talk to your doctor about taking pills with ginger extract.

Another natural remedy is peppermint oil, the aroma of the oil helps to easy queasy stomachs.

In addition, make sure that when you are feeling nauseous you steer clear of foods and drinks with acid and instead opt for more bland foods and water or juice shakes.

Let us know if you have found anything that has helped with your morning sickness symptoms.