Have you been put in charge of throwing a baby shower for a pregnant woman you know? Well now you can throw the best baby shower out there, with these simple tips and game ideas below!

The main things to consider when throwing a baby shower are what the mommy-to-be’s favorite color is, and what her favorite foods are. It’s important to make sure to get the correct color balloons, flowers, m&ms and wrapping paper, as well as have a wide selection of food to feed her growing belly and the bellies of all the women in attendance.

Many baby showers have a theme – the majority of themes revolve around the sex of the baby, however if your mommy-to-be hasn’t told anyone if she is having a boy or a girl you may want to go with a different type of theme, such as:
– Tea Party
– Beach Theme
– Zoo Animal Theme
– Black and White Sophisticated Theme
– Hollywood Theme
– Tiffany’s Theme

It’s always a cute idea if your invitations match the theme you are planning for the party. Make sure to invite anyone important to the mommy-to-be. If the baby shower is a surprise for your friend or relative, asking the daddy-to-be for a guest list.

Also be sure that the mommy-to-be gets registered at a number of stores, or that you have her mother or mother-in-law help you to register her.

Our favorite game we have come across that is played at baby showers is called “Celebrity Baby Names.” In the game, the guests are split into two groups, each person gets the name of a celebrity baby on an index card and the other team must guest the name of the celebrity baby’s parents. If the group can only identify one parent they get one point, both parents they get two. Additional points for sibling names!

This game can also help the mommy-to-be if she hasn’t yet picked out a name for her baby!