According to a new study, the answer to the question above depends on whether your partner is male or female.

Participants in the study were asked if they would be “Very Upset, A Little Upset, A Little Pleased, Very Pleased, or Wouldn’t Care” if their partner told them they were pregnant unexpectedly.

The study was done with men and women who said that it was very important not to get pregnant at this point in their lives.

The results of the study showed that 43% of men would be “A Little Pleased” or “Very Pleased” with an unexpected pregnancy while only 20% of women answered similarly.

If you break up the men’s answers in accordance with their age, 34% of men ages 18-19 would be pleased while 42% of them were pleased between the ages of 20-24 and 50% between the ages of 25-29.

If you break down women in accordance with their ages, 16% of women would be pleased with the news between the ages of 18-24 and 29% between 25-29.