Not only are pregnant women expected to deal with months of nausea, buying an entire new wardrobe that fits their growing belly, and continue to go through their daily routine even though they are extremely tired, they are also expected to be “hot” and “thin.”

While it is every woman’s dream to be deemed “hot,” both while pregnant and not, but wouldn’t it be better for our health to strive to be “healthy”?

One reason women have so much pressure is because of celebrities. With their intense workout schedules, they are able to gain minimal weight when pregnant, and lose baby weight extremely fast – and while their personal trainers may make this healthy for them, that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for the rest of the women in the world trying to maintain or lose the weight on their own.

Many moms wish that celebrities would change the way they publicize the weight they lose after they deliver their newborns, and how quickly they lose it.

What do you think?