YES! Women who are planning on getting pregnant are advised to take a trip to their dentist to make sure they have a healthy mouth – and to maintain that healthy mouth through the 9 months of pregnancy.

A child was recently stillborn due to bacteria that was present in it’s mothers mouth during the pregnancy. Researchers, in the Department of Periodontics at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine in Ohio, were able to trace the bacteria in the mother’s moth to the bacteria found in the baby’s bloodstream, stomach and lungs.

The findings from the study were published in the February issue of Obstetrics Gynecology. The study suggests that any disruption to the amniotic fluid could cause harm to both the mother and her baby – which is why pregnant women are highly advised to watch their mouths to avoid gum disease.

The study has also been carried out by researchers at Queen Mary University of London who also found that bacteria from a woman’s mouth can be transfered to her child through the blood stream.

Not having a healthy mouth can cause a number of problems, including:
– Low birth weight
– Premature birth
– Premature contractions
– Infection

So be sure to get your teeth cleaned and keep your mouth healthy!