TV presenter Denise Van Outen is expecting her first child in May with her husband Lee Mead.

In a recent interview Denise talked about her eating habits now that she is expecting, saying, “For breakfast I have Bran Flakes because they’re high in fibre and you can get constipated in pregnancy. Or I have two slices of wholemeal toast with sugar-free jam. I’ll also have a cup of tea and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. After breakfast I take my Pregnacare Plus vitamin. Now that my bump is getting bigger, I find I can’t eat that much at night so I eat more at lunchtime. This can be a jacket potato with baked beans or tuna and sweetcorn. By the evening my bump seems to be twice the size, so I’ll have a Covent Garden Soup and two mini pitta breads with hummus. Or I’ll have something light like a mixed salad. I make sure I have two pieces of fruit every day such as some grapes, a nectarine, a clementine or an apple – anything really sweet. But because I’m pregnant, I do allow myself the odd treat such as a muffin or carrot cake as I feel it’s the one time people won’t judge you! I’ve craved grapes and cheddar cheese but that has now tailed off.”

Denise also makes time to exercise: “Before I got pregnant, I used to go running three to four times a week. But I’ve now opted to power-walk instead. I walk for 30 minutes to one hour, depending on my work schedule. I also make sure I walk to all my meetings, even in the rain or snow, and I take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. I’ve been on a couple of holidays so I made sure I did my lengths twice a day in the pool. I basically make sure that I’m active on a daily basis.”

What is your pregnancy diet like? What about your exercise habits?