A new national study, lead by Boston University’s School of Medicine, will attempt to determine which medications are safe to take during pregnancy and which medications could harm the developing babies.

Dr. Tara Dumont of the Boston Medical Center thinks that women need to be more aware of the drugs they are putting into their bodies when they are with child: “Just yesterday I had a young lady who was taking Advil, and that’s a medicine you don’t want to be taking at certain stages of pregnancy. So even over-the-counter stuff — women may think it’s safe, but it can be not safe. There’s so much that’s unknown, and even the data we have isn’t great data.”

Many drugs have not been tested for pregnant women, something that this study will work to do. The study will last for several years and will look into as many medications as possible to determine how they affect pregnancy.

Dr. Allen Mitchell, the Director of the BU School of Medicine’s Slone Epidemiology Center, said: “Women have been taking these drugs for decades and, in fact, we haven’t had sufficient information to be able to say that, yes, they’re safe.”

The study will look into birth detects and if any medications cause them.

Many women take medications during their pregnancy that they need to keep both themselves and their growing baby safe – so until this study is complete be sure to speak with your doctor about any medications you are taking, and are planning on taking.

We look forward to the result of the study!

Source: http://www.wbur.org