Often first-time mothers-to-be have a lot of questions about their upcoming birth and newborn care.

It can be really helpful for these soon-to-be-mommies to join birthing or parenting classes. These classes can often be found online or through the town you live in or the doctors you visit.

Birthing classes teach how to breath during labor as well as review labor techniques that can be employed at the time of birth. Often, pregnant women bring someone with them to these classes – it can be very helpful to have the individual with you who will be in the hospital room during your baby’s birth.

Parenting classes teach soon-to-be-parents the basic skills of raising a newborn. These classes also teach the different stages of child development and practical skills needed to deal with issues that may arise in your child’s life.

Parenting classes are often taught by counselors who deal with parent/child relationships on a daily basis.

Have you been to any birthing or parenting classes and want to share your experience?