While most women are extremely excited about their baby on the way, it’s not surprising that women experience bouts of depression and anxiety somewhere in the 9 months.

One way to help overcome these episodes is to educate yourself about your pregnancy, your impending childbirth and your soon to be infant you need to care for.

The more educated you are about your future the less anxious you will be about it.

Pregnancy can be difficult because you aren’t sure if your child is 100% health all of the time, because they aren’t in your arms. One thing that can help this is to trust your body. If something feels wrong, head to the doctors, if nothing feels wrong, chances are nothing is wrong.

Women have been giving birth forever. While it’s perfectly normal to be depressed or anxious about your upcoming baby, or your pregnancy in general, make sure that this doesn’t last for the entire 9 months – for your health and your babies.

You could always try a pregnancy massage!