Many pet owners are nervous to bring a baby into the home because they are unsure how their pet will act towards him or her.

While it’s true that many dogs will adjust swimmingly, and have no problems at all dealing with a new little person in the home, other dogs will have a bit more trouble adjusting to this big change.

One way to start getting your pet ready for your baby bundle is by making sure that they are thoroughly trained. Teach them to be obedient and listen to your commands – so you know you are in control and if things start to get out of hand at home you can nip it in the bud before something goes wrong.

It is especially important that your dog pays attention to you while you are on walks. Soon it wont be just your dog you are paying attention to while you walk, you will also be dealing with a child in a carriage – and you have to be sure that your four-legged companion will stay with you at the pace you designate rather than their own.

Be aware that your dog may also have trouble adjusting to loud, sudden noises that can be caused by children, especially babies. It may be in your best interest to bring one of your friends children into your house to interact with your pet, or to make noises from time to time that a baby would make. Just so your pet becomes comfortable with these noises.

Also make sure that you pay attention to what your dog puts in his mouth and if he gets upset if you take it away from him. While you may not be worried about this when you have a little baby, but when your child becomes a toddler this will be important. Your child will not know the difference between his or her own toys and the doggies toys – so make sure your pet is ok with his toys being taken away. Your child will have to get used to it too, because just like your child wont know the difference between his squeaky toys and your dogs, your dog wont either.  

Do you have a baby and a pet in the same home? How is it working out for you?