Many women who get pregnant worry about the stretch marks they may get during the 9 months their body changes.

Stretch marks are small tears in the middle layer of the skin which appear when the belly is growing faster than the skin can keep up. This is one reason it is important to track your weight gain during pregnancy to make sure you are gaining it at the right speed so as to reduce the possibility of stretch marks.

A large number of women finish up their pregnancies with a bundle of joy and a boatload of stretch marks – so if you’re one of these women, there is no need to feel ashamed, or alone. It’s a natural occurrence!

However, if you are trying everything in your power to prevent stretch marks, your first step may be to try to eat healthy. Research has shown that a healthy diet can help skin remain elastic throughout your pregnancy. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and veggies and drink lots of water!

There are also lots of skin lotions that claim to help you prevent stretch marks – have you tried any that you found worked best?