When women find out they are pregnant, they usual start eating more healthy, they quit their unhealthy vices such as over-dieting, smoking or drinking, and they avoid using strong chemicals, but makeup isn’t always the first thing we think of being careful about when we learn about the bundle of joy we’ll soon be welcoming into the world.

What a pregnant woman may not know is that what she puts on her skin is just as important to the health of her baby as what she puts inside her body. Our skin is made up of tons of pours that can absorb the makeup you put on your face or body.

We’ve done some research, and it seems a daunting task to find chemical-free makeup. We’ve found “Physicians Formula Organic Wear,” which can be purchased at Target stores and online (pictured above), but we’re sure there are more brands out there.

However, if you are trying for a 100% healthy pregnancy, avoiding makeup could be a good option.

If you’ve found any chemical-free, organic makeup for use during pregnancy, please comment on this post and let us know!