Facts About Having A Second Child

If you already have one child and you are pregnant with another you may be thinking “uh oh!” But don’t fret – while it may be hard at first you will learn to cope and you will develop a system that works for you – from feeding times to baths and bed time stories.

You may not have time to relax during your pregnancy when you have a toddler you need to run after during the day, night, weekends, etc. While you may be extremely tired, especially during the first few months of your pregnancy, your small child may not understand and will still want to play with you during the day.

Make sure that you explain to your child what is going on – especially about the fact that a new little baby will be sharing their home soon. This way, when you leave for the hospital and come home with a newborn your other child isn’t completely shocked.

While it may be difficult, you and your family will soon get the hang of juggling pregnancy and a toddler and you will find that this pregnancy is just as enjoyable as your first.

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Jesse James Mistress Creates Pregnancy Scare

One of Jesse James’ many mistresses was photographed coming out of the store with a EPT pregnancy test – creating a scare that she was pregnant.

There is also a rumor that Jesse’s wife Sandra, who has not filed for divorce yet, may be pregnant.

Yikes! We hope this all works out.

New York "Housewife" Drank While She Was Pregnant

Alex McCord, from the television show “The Real Housewives of New York” admitted to drinking while she was pregnant in her upcoming book about parenting.

“Throughout my pregnancy, I gave into every craving I felt. When I wanted to have a drink, I did.”

The novel is called “Little Kids Big City: Tales From a Real House in New York City.”

The book is expected to talk about unconventional parenting – as the pair has been criticized during the filming of the show by viewers and onlookers as their children are not as tame as many would like.

Exercising During Pregnancy Can Help Your Baby

If you exercise during pregnancy you can ensure that your baby is healthy – from having a healthy birth weight to having a lower risk of many illnesses and complications. Exercising during pregnancy can also ensure that your birthing process is smoother and without complications.

If you do not exercise and maintain a healthy weight when you are pregnant your baby may be at a higher risk of being overweight and having heart complications. There’s also a higher chance that your baby can develop illnesses such as type two diabetes.

Many women may be nervous to exercise when they are pregnant – so make sure to consult your doctor before you try any new kind of physical activity, however many activities are pregnancy approved, including:
– walking
– yoga
– light weight lifting
– pilates

For more benefits of exercising during pregnancy, click here.

What types of exercises did you do during your pregnancy?

Breast Feeding Could Save Lives And Money

A new article published in the journal Pediatrics states that breast feeding could save the lives of nearly 900 babies! Not only could lives be saved, but billions of dollars would also not have to be spent. But this would only be the case if 90% of US women breast fed their babies for the first six months of their lives.

Dr. Ruth Lawrence of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ breast-feeding section said: “The health care system has got to be aware that breast-feeding makes a profound difference.”

The study showed that breast feeding could prevent a large number of problems including:
– stomach viruses
– asthma
– ear infections
– juvenile diabetes
– childhood leukemia
– Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Researchers are now calling Breast Feeding a public health issue – would you agree?